Two Halves of the Globe
Humanist and engineer traveling across America


We are Sabina and Lucas Dynek and we are a travelling couple. We live in Ontario in Canada which is a perfect base for our smaller and bigger road trips across USA and Canada. We came here with work and travel visa six years ago to see how life looks like on the West side of the Globe. In 2017 one of our biggest travel dreams came true – we’ve traveled the legendary Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. It was the longest and the most spectacular trip in our entire lives. As we still have lots of  dreams in our minds we decided to create this blog and keep here our experiences and memories.

‘Two Halves of the Globe’ is about us – humanist and engineer traveling together, not only thru the World but also thru the life. We have our own passions but we both love to travel and explore the world together. We are like two halves of the whole. Lucas likes to drive a car and he knows how to fix it when broken. I like to plan trips – to connect cities and places on the map and to find some interesting spots in the area. Lucas likes when it is practical – I like when it is magical. At the end, our trips are simply practical-magical – and we love it this way.

It’s impossible to really know your partner if you don’t live together. It’s also impossible to really know a country if you don’t live in it for same time. That’s why our blog is also some set of reflections about surrounding us reality – North American everyday reality. In many cases this reality is much different than the one we grown up in (Polish/European).

On this blog we write about:

  • the most beautiful places we have visited during our trips
  • practical tips and solutions to plan and organize your own road trip
  • adventures we had while exploring America
  • differences between America and Europe and how the USA are different from Canada
  • making decision to become Canadian citizens … but not staying here for a lifetime 😉

While all post are written in our native polish language you can still review our photos and who knows – maybe you will find some inspiration for your own trip.  If you have any questions or you want to recommend us some place feel free to contact us:

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